Tuesday, 2 February 2016

“I do not feel left out anymore” - Story of Ankit Koli

Ankit Koli

Ankit Koli, a young lad of standard 10 heard of the Student Enrichment Program (SEP) that had began in his village in Mahul and immediately got himself enrolled. “I needed something like this”, says Ankit.

He lost his dad to a serious illness when he was in the 3rd standard. His mother struggled hard to bring up her 2 boys. She looks after the housekeeping of the BPCL guests houses. Ankit says that he had a lot of trouble with understanding what was taught in school. Especially Science. Now that he has joined the SEP, he finds it easier to follow what is being taught. He says his English has also improved a lot. “I do not feel left out anymore”, says the boy.

Ankit is very good in kabbadi and has won many competitions. He is always in search of something new and has also joined the Digital Literacy Course at PIF’s Community and information Training Center in the village itself. He says he wants to join BPCL someday. I don’t want to just be rich, but also earn a good name for myself. I want to help other poor people who do not have enough”, says our dear Ankit.