Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Here we are!!!

                      No more are we surprised when we see a five year old effortlessly playing games on the computer or handling any other electronic gadget with great ease!

           Electronic sophistication has become such an integral part of our day to day lives that can we imagine a day without it?

             Ask a child to not play on the computer for a day! Ask a teenager to switch off her phone for a day! Ask a professional to function without the email for a day!
              This 'is' undoubtedly the electronic age.

Also,this development in technology is rapidly being used all over the world to make the greatest tool of human empowerment -education- more productive, interactive,informative,fun and smooth!

But we have to stop and think. Is e-learning and e-education really as wide spread as it seems to be?
There are still many economically backward societies and underprivileged families where children have never even seen a computer!

Hence we at Pratham InfoTech Foundation (PIF) a
im to boost digital literacy, bridge digital divide, facilitate the adoption of information technologies in education, and equip at risk youths with skills, tools and capabilities that new global economy demands.

All people- regardless of social background, income level, geographic isolation, skill gap and educational qualifications, reap the social and economic benefits that information technologies promise to all in the new world in which information and technology touch every aspect of our life.

You too can support us in our endeavor to technologically empower the future of our country! Yes! You can!

To know more about what we do, the people and children we work with and also to know how you can be part of our mission, keep following our blog and do constantly encourage us by posting your valuable feedback!