Monday, 10 November 2014

Against all odds......

Shubangi Gaikwad

We often take our easy access to information and education for granted. But not far from us are people who truly understand and value the importance of education.

Shubangi Gaikwad, is a Std 10 student in Swami Vivekanand School, Kurla. 
She and her 17 year old brother were left orphaned when their parents died in a tragic accident. They live with their grandmother who struggles hard to make both ends meet from the Rs. 2500/- she gets from her late husband’s pension. This is all she has in order to feed 3 stomachs. But she makes it a point and a priority to set aside as much as she can to educate her grandchildren. 

 Shubangi is part of PIF's Student Enrichment Program. She is new to the school and says that the class is helping her a lot academically as well as in building her confidence. She says she loves Science and is now developing an interest for the English language too. She enjoys reading and writing poetry.

Shubangi has dreams.... but fears they won’t come true... due to the lack of necessary funds required to educate herself. She wants to be a teacher some day and help other students like her, just as she got help from her teachers in the Student Enrichment Program. 

"Thank you PIF" says an ambitious Shubangi!!