Tuesday, 16 December 2014

When Optimism and Dedication sees no limits....!

Pratham InfoTech Foundation’s Student Enrichment Program (Utkarsh) not only requires teachers who are novel in their teaching approach but also teachers who are dedicated towards their students.

Nandini Devkar

Nandini Devkar is one such teacher whom we at Pratham InfoTech Foundation
(PIF) are proud to have.

She personifies patience and grace. Her dealings with her students not only give us a glimpse into her sharp mind but also the unconditional bond her students share with her. She has been working with PIF’s Student Enrichment Program since the past two years.

She says, "the first step with any new batch of students is to build a rapport with them. I sit amidst them and talk to them till I feel they have begun to trust me. My lectures involve activity based learning. I believe in interactive and practical learning. Students love my methodology. I incorporate my ideas with the valuable techniques we learn at PIF’s fellow training workshops to teach the students.”

During the course of teaching her students Nandini also tries to spot the vocational skill each student can pursue and excel in. She teaches her students to become respected members of society.
Nandini is not only a teacher to her students but also a mentor, friend and support system. She ensures overall development of her students.

She also tutors students privately. Yet she spends most of her day with the PIF students, teaching and bonding with them.
Nandini Devkar has touched and transformed her students lives for which her students will be forever grateful to her.

She has now been promoted to the position of Team Leader. A position well deserved.

She says, "the work environment at PIF is very healthy and stimulating. The team work is excellent and there is always a flow of knowledge and ideas. Organizations like PIF have taken up the cause of e educating the underprivileged for which I congratulate them!